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How To Create a Professional Video Resume That Will Get You Noticed

Date Added: March 12, 2010 01:14:30 PM
Author: Sue McCrossin
Category: Business & Economy: Employment and Work

Due to rising unemployment rates and America’s economic problems, competition for the fewer jobs available is getting tough. If you want to stand out from the rest of the candidates in the job application pool, one smart way to go about that is to develop a video resume—with the goal of making your job hunt more efficient and to draw appropriate attention to your skills, talents, and personality. Choosing to create a video resume as a supplement to your printed resume is a great way to display personal creativity as well as discuss your qualifications and talents. One of the most efficient and professional ways of creating a video resume is to use Powerpoint. Creating a few concise slides with key ideas instead of filming yourself talking directly to the camera is especially effective. A video resume can be a great and persuasive asset when created correctly. Here are a few useful tips to consider when creating a video resume: What’s true in a face-to-face interview is true with video resumes: the first impression counts. Dress appropriately as if you were going to interview with the employer in person. The quality of your video is important as well—it should not be blurry, shaky, filled with disruptive background noise, or filmed against a distracting background. The focus of your video resume should be on you, and you don’t want to distract potential employers from your message. Remember to look directly at the camera and maintain eye contact. You want to appear confident. Speak clearly and not too fast—you want people to understand what you’re saying. So now that you’ve got the basics down, what subject matter should you cover in your video resume? Just like a face-to-face interview, you’re going to want to present your strengths and attributes in light of how you’d be an excellent fit for the position. How would you stand out as an employee and what could you do for the company? Be concise about these points, and remember to conduct yourself professionally and avoid discussing your personal life. Video editing is also important. You have the opportunity to edit together the best takes and key points you want to say. Take advantage of the medium and record multiple takes, then edit your video to bring together the best clips. It should be executed as well as possible. As for any other Presentation, you’re going to want to give your audience something visual to focus on while you speak. The most effective (and professional) solution to this is to create sseveral Powerpoint slides. Because you’re filming the presentation, take care to choose strong colors that stand out on the video screen. Do not use photos, graphs, charts, or diagrams unless they are absolutely necessary. Your potential employers have limited time, so keep your video resume concise. Limit the number of Powerpoint slides you use and keep your “key” information or your most convincing points as the first things you mention. Loud and clear. Everything, from the words you speak to the text and images on your slides should be easily visible, attention grabbing, and communicate directly with the viewer. Lastly, convert your footage into a video and upload it on video websites, or email it to employers. The video resume you create is just as important as any face-to-face interview—and when well executed can serve as a tool to bring you closer to your potential employers. Remember, it’s not a substitute for an actual meeting, but when done right can get you a valuable interview. Erica R. is a freelance writer for, an Employment Agency in Philadelphia. Kane Partners serves as a full service IT staffing firm and HR service provider, with Permanent Placement, Retained Contract, Contract-to-Hire, and Temporary Staffing services..
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