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Freight Shipping From the USA: What Can A Freight Shipping Service Do For Me?

Date Added: March 11, 2010 02:02:35 PM
Author: Sue McCrossin
Category: Business & Economy: Transportation

What happens when you want to ship your car to Puerto Rico? Or livestock, sailboats, or perishable foods? Freight shipping companies are experts when it comes to transporting large, valuable items from USA to other nearby countries. The best freight shipping service will provide safe and secure transport of your vehicle and cargo, with streamlined pick up and drop off facilities, and tracking and monitoring properties as well. If you’re transferring a car from the USA, the shipping company you choose to protect and transport your vehicle should provide the following services: Facilities at both ports for efficient and easy-access, allowing you to pick up your vehicle at the other destination conveniently. Watertight garages or special spaces solely for cars—so vehicles are protected during the voyage. Roll-on Roll-off services to quickly transfer your vehicle from the ship and make it available to you. Your freight shipping company should allow you to track the status of your vehicle and its progress online. This is to save you time and provide assurance. If your shipping company follows those automotive transport practices, your vehicle will be transported securely. But what about refrigerated cargo and other perishable goods? If you’re transporting food or other items that may spoil of not kept cool during the trip, your shipping company should offer these services: A variety of state-of-the-art containers to house your perishables during transport. Fast delivery. Onboard monitoring of the refrigerated cargo (to assure the refrigerated boxes are keeping your cargo cold). Efficient and rapid processing at terminals to allow you access to your refrigerated cargo quickly. Lastly, what if I have huge cargo? What if my freight won’t fit in a box? Not all cargo is shaped the same, and not all items can be expected to fit into a box. There are services available that are dedicated to helping you move your items and cargo that are special cases. Your freight shipping company should have the proper ship design to accommodate your special cargo, the right equipment to handle your large freight, as well as the experience necessary to do. Does your service have on deck space for lift on lift off services via crane? If stored below, is the ship spacious enough to accommodate your large cargo? Examples of special cargo include: personal sail boats, construction equipment, large machinery, busses, and livestock. When freight shipping from the USA, no matter the freight, you want fast service, convenient tracking services, ease of transporting on and off the ship, and skilled personnel to manage your cargo with care. If your shipping company provides these services, you’ll enjoy undamaged and quick transport of all your valuable cargo. Erica Ronchetti is a freelance writer for Sea Star Line, a privately held shipping agents company that specializes in providing integrated transportation services & to and from the United States. If you’re interested in learning more about Sea Star Line’s freight shipping from USA services, visit our website today!
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